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We care about your business
just as much as you do

You deserve to love your business.

Whether you’re discussing your work with a new client, a potential hire, or your next door neighbor, you should be excited to evangelize about what you do.

But if that’s not the case, we get it.

It can be hard to explain your business to others. Maybe you struggle to make your work seem interesting. Or maybe you’re just not sure how to talk about your day-to-day activities in a way that makes prospective customers want to work with you.


President, Story Sells
At Story Sells, we’re 125% focused on fixing this problem so that you can boost sales.
My name’s Danny. I started Story Sells because I know how hard it can be to grow a brand.

Before I started my web design company, I was faced with a choice: retreat to another familiar corporate job – the same thing I’d done for a decade – or strike out on my own to build a brand from scratch. I chose the latter and generated over $400,000 in sales during my first 24 months.

Do you know what drove the most sales for my company? Our story.

Not the great web design. Not the Facebook ads. Not the responsive service.

All those things were important, but our story is what really hooked prospective clients and inspired them to work with us. It helped that we also followed through on our promises.

As I grew the business, I made sure our brand story wasn’t just about us. I made sure it was about our clients.

By crafting a story they could see themselves in and integrating that story into our sales process, I was able to close more sales with the kind of clients we wanted to work with.

Before long, my company was helping our clients tell their stories to their clients. What started as a web design company had evolved into something more: a brand consultancy focused on solopreneurs and small businesses.

We were still building websites (we still do!), but the most valuable thing we did was help clients build a brand that spoke to customers and drove sales.

Every brand strategy session was moving to me. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love getting to know clients as individuals and understanding how they feel about their businesses. It remains the single most rewarding aspect of our work.

Meet the Team

Adam Green

Content Strategist

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Danny Peavey

Founder and CEO

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