March 18, 2021

How To Find The Best Web Design Company Near You

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By Danny Peavey

Everything you need to know to find the right web design company in your area.

Building a new website should be an exciting process – whether you’re revamping an existing site or finally bringing your brand online, you’re taking a crucial step to connecting with the communities that need to hear your message. But with the excitement of launching your site also comes some responsibility. First of all… where do you even start?

If you’ve never launched a website before, it’s easy to get confused or feel like it’s impossible to weed through all the information you need to get started. But we know the value of a web design, so we’ve gone ahead and done some of the homework for you. 

Scroll down to learn: 

  • Services provided by a web designer
  • How to tell if you need web design 
  • How to tell if a web design company is good or not
  • Red flags for a web design company
  • The best web design companies in the U.S. 

Services provided by a web designer

So – why do you need a web designer in the first place? Bringing your brand online means opening up your services to a whole new audience.  But in order to properly tell your story and connect with your ideal clients, the website you’re creating needs to be uniquely in line with your brand and messaging. 

Some web design agencies offer more than others. You can work with a provider who; designs your website, takes the content you provide and plugs it in, and maybe does some maintenance over time. Basically, they’re finding the right visual feel and bringing your brand to life online with eye-catching designs and unique, easily-navigable layouts. 

In other cases, web design agencies can take on a lot more, including helping to strategically build your content, managing the project, and developing ongoing content to ensure you’re reaching out to (and retaining!) new clients. But, first thing’s first… 

How to tell if you need web design 

Put simply, if you’re building a website, you need web design. The question is really how you want to approach it. There are ways to do this on your own, with plenty of build-your-own-site offerings out there. A do-it-yourself option is okay if you’re working with an extremely limited budget and have some degree of know-how when it comes to design and layout. 

You’ll want to turn to a web design company near you if you’re looking for a more elaborate website with crisp design and strategic content. In the best websites, the design is part of the story you’re inviting your clients into. So if you have the budget to work with a web designer, that’s definitely your best option. 

The good news is, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get great web design. Many of the options we’ve supplied below, brown down by state, are affordable and still offer top-quality service. 

How to tell if a web design company is good or not

Especially if this is your first time building a website, it can be tough to know if you’re looking in the right place for support. The truth is, there’s no shortage of web designers offering services that sound great, which can be especially tough to navigate when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

A few ways to tell if a web designer will be the right fit for you: 

  • Check for testimonials

This one is a no-brainer. See what people in your community have to say about a web designer by checking their Google reviews or browsing their website for client testimonials. If a web designer doesn’t have any testimonials on their website, you might have reason to be wary. 

  • See if they offer consultation calls

Many web designers will offer free consultation calls that give you a place to chat about your unique needs and ask some questions about their process. You want to find a web design team that will be open with you and help guide you through the process, especially if you’ve never been involved in a website launch before.

  • Ask for examples of their work

Nothing speaks to the quality of their work like a website itself. Ask to see some examples of the websites a designer has built, or browse their site to see if they already have some on display. You wanna keep an eye out for unique, eye-catching designs that draw you into the website. 

Red flags for a web design company

When you’re trying to decide on a partner for web design, you need to be aware of a few red flags that might come up. Here are two few important ones: 

  • All of their websites look the same.

One of the first things you should be asking for when you’re surveying options for web designers is past work. If all of their websites look and feel exactly the same, there’s an issue. One of the most important reasons to hire a professional designer is trusting them to bring your unique vision and story to life. If all you’re seeing is cookie-cutter website design, move on.

  • They’re not asking you questions.

This ties into the first red flag; if they’re not asking you questions or digging into what inspires you, they’re not going to be able to bring a unique vision to life. Your website has to feel uniquely your own, and a designer needs to be asking the right questions to figure out where to start.

The best web design companies in the U.S. 

Ready to bring your brand online and tell your story to the world? These are some of the top web design companies by State: 


Best Alabama Web Designers

The Nine


Flagstone Search Marketing 


Best Alaska Web Designers


Hyper Digital Marketing

Strategies 360


Best Arizona Web Designers

Flying V Group

Seota Digital Marketing

Swello Marketing 


Best Arkansas Web Designers


Ion Agency



Best California Web Designers

Bop Design

Tiny Frog Technologies



Best Colorado Web Designers


Neon Rain Interactive 

A Girl Creative Design Studio 


Best Connecticut Web Designers

York & Chapel 

Aspire Digital Studios



Best Delaware Web Designers


Veza Digital



Best Florida Web Designers

Mighty Fine Design Co. 

On The Map, Inc. 

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency


Best Georgia Web Designers

3 Owl 

M16 Marketing

Soda Web Media 


Best Hawaii Web Designers


Webmaster Services Hawaii 

Game Changer Marketing Solutions 


Best Idaho Web Designers

Clear Mind Graphics, Inc. 

Turnkey Website Hub

Thrive Website Designs


Best Illinois Web Designers

Solid Digital

PopArt Studio

Idea Marketing Group


Best Indiana Web Designers

The Web Guys

PixelRocket LLC LLC


Best Iowa Web Designers


Hill Productions & Media Group

Fusebox Marketing


Best Kansas Web Designers

Lifted Logic

Lee Media Group



Best Kentucky Web Designers

Post Modern Marketing

One Thing Marketing

URBA Media


Best Louisiana Web Designers


Vibrandt Media

Cerberus Agency


Best Maine Web Designers


First Pier

Rugged Costal 


Best Maryland Web Designers

Lounge Lizard


Interactive Strategies 


Best Massachusetts Web Designers

RainCastle Communications

3 Media Web

GoingClear Interactive 


Best Michigan Web Designers

BMG Media

Ignite Media



Best Minnesota Web Designers

Windmill Strategy

Cazaran Interactive

Groove Jones


Best Mississippi Web Designers



Computing Technologies 


Best Missouri Web Designers

Social Driver


Matchbox Design Group


Best Montana Web Designers

Zen Agency 

Website Express

Zaneray Group 


Best Nebraska Web Designers


Huntrex Create & Connect

Little Guy Design 


Best Nevada Web Designers

Laxalt & McIver

Soffront Corporation

Christopher Green Design


Best New Hampshire Web Designers

Flylight Media

Vital Design 



Best New Jersey Web Designers

eDesign Interactive

Socialfix Media

Lform Design


Best New Mexico Web Designers

The Free Website Guys

Mindshare Labs, Inc. 

URBA Media


Best New York Web Designers

Bop Design

Unified Infotech



Best North Carolina Web Designers

Savas Labs




Best North Dakota Web Designers



Also Creative Inc


Best Ohio Web Designers

The Media Captain


Magnet Co


Best Oklahoma Web Designers

Matcha Design 

AP Technology

Sooner Marketing Solutions


Best Oregon Web Designers

Solid Digital 

NS Modern Website Design 

XO Agency


Best Pennsylvania Web Designers



Think it First 


Best Rhode Island Web Designers

North Street Create

Drupal Connect

Element 8


Best South Carolina Web Designers


Arrowhead Design Co. Inc

Complete Web


Best South Dakota Web Designers

Modern Design Agency

EtechGlobal, LLC

The WebPager Design Group


Best Tennesse Web Designers

LAB Digital Creative

Social Link



Best Texas Web Designers


Studio Fox Design

Idea Grove


Best Utah Web Designers


Avalaunch Media



Best Vermont Web Designers


Stide Creative Group

New Breed Marketing


Best Virginia Web Designers

Silverback Strategies




Best Washington Web Designers

Sayenko Design 

Jordan Crown



Best West Virginia Web Designers

Technology Services Group

Kingery & Company, LLC

Primitive House Designs


Best Wisconsin Web Designers

Agency Jet



Best Wyoming Web Designers

Waves Web Design LLC

Command Legal 



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