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Productizing your service: Should you sell your service like a product?

Service providers aren’t second-class citizens regarding positioning, packaging, and selling their “products.”

Your service business CAN be sold like a product if you productize your expertise.

This is the practice of productizing your service.

Whether you productize (or not) depends on how custom your service offering is.

If you lead with an extremely bespoke, custom, nuanced, rigorously specialized service, then I would recommend you don’t productize.

You’re an artist: you want to slow down, take in every detail, and deliver an exceptionally well-thought-out deliverable.

If you are a restaurant, I’d compare you to the chef’s special: it’s crucial to deliver a custom offering to your guest and tailor it to their liking.

With that said, it might be wise to productize an initial offering to get clients in the door so they know what it’s like to work with you.

Even the chef’s special has premade ingredients. 😃

On the other hand –

If your services firm has a tried and true deliverable you sell every time, I highly recommend considering a productized service.

You can still be a high-end restaurant – but you’re the $25 wild-caught fish dish. Your deliverable is still high quality. It’s still “custom,” but it’s been meticulously created and productized for a particular outcome.

So in closing, I want to give love to the service providers. product marketing is indeed a craft dominated by SaaS, but you service providers deserve to win more deals too. 😊

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