Do you want to spend your time hiring ten freelancers or one boutique agency?

The problem with hiring for messaging, sales, branding, and marketing is that:
  • Finding QUALITY professionals for all the skillsets you need is HARD
  • Get multiple quotes is EXHAUSTING
  • Manage a team of several people on your own is TIME-CONSUMING
  • Paying each person thousands upfront KILLS CASHFLOW
  • Not knowing how to tie everything together is NERVE RACKING
Story Sells includes all 10+ skillsets in one affordable flat-rate monthly plan so you can:
  • Get significant marketing agency QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE price
  • DIVE DEEPER AND WIDER into your brand with the 1v1 ATTENTION you deserve
  • SPEND MORE TIME working on your business and LESS TIME doing marketing on your own

The result? A brand that has a look you want and the message you need to drive more sales.

Option A:


A brand messaging & positioning expert (Certified StoryBrand Guide)

A professional copywriter

A website designer

A website developer

A graphic designer

A website support team

An SEO person

Sales experts (Enterprise & SMB sales)

Marketing experts (Certified StoryBrand Guide & Active Campaign Partner)

A bench of other experts

You manage: 10 people

Your time: Up red arrow

Your investment: Thousands upfront

Quality you receive: Question mark

1v1 attention: Down arrow

How you feel at the end of the day


Option B:


Your dedicated Fractional CMO. Everything included.

You manage: One person

Your time: Down green arrow

Your investment: Affordable payments

Quality you receive: Thumbs up

1v1 attention: Up arrow

How you feel at the end of the day


Working with Story Sells saves you time and money.

Our packages start at $999. Check out our prices here.

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